In this darkening world of ours we must decide who we want to be. Shall we submit to the dark, heavy and negative energy we see in media, politics, education... or do we choose the light? 

It takes courage to consciously choose expansion over contraction. But that is exactly what the world is asking of us. 

Nothing is happening to us, only for us.

That is exactly what our gift guide is here to support, conscious expansion, owning your light and showing up bold and authentic. Self-care and self-love are practices that make a difference not only in your life, but also in this world. The more we care for ourselves (and help others do the same), the more we turn towards the light of love. 

Light warriors unite! 

1. Organic Crystal Bath Bomb - Believe

Believe Organic Crystal Bath Bomb

Soak away stress and tension and tune back into your highest self with this crown chakra "Believe" bath bomb. The Arkansas Quartz within has potent transformational energy that can transmute that which you are releasing into high vibrations and clear intentions. $12.


2. Soul Cleanse Anointing Oil

Soul Cleanse Anointing oil

Clearing out that which no longer serves your highest good is important on this journey. Obsidian is one of the best stones to help purge toxic energy and the earthy scents of Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Vetiver combine to offer safety in the letting go. $19.


3. Crystal Water Bottle - Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

It takes courage to expand and spread love when everyone else is contracting and buying into the fear. Drinking crystal elixir water and herbal tea is a wonderful way to embody the empowering energy of Tiger's Eye. It will fill you daily with optimism, energy and motivation to be the best you possible. $39.


4. Psychic Abili-TEA

brow chakra herbal tea

Our Organic Crystal Infused Psycic Abili-tea Herbal Tea is a delicious way to open up the third eye chakra. Charged with Lapis Lazuli it amplifies inner knowing, self-awareness and intuition. With 60 servings in each bag it is a smart purchase. $21.


5. Faux Leather Sketchbook Journal - Eye Wish

faux leather journal

Everyone should have a beautiful and inspiring journal. This one is filled with recycled paper featuring ivory, kraft and mixed media page options to allow your creative energy to flow freely. The metallic details hold your most sacred doodles, words, poems, and art in a gorgeous, protected home. $26.


 6. Crystal Elixir Spray Smudge

Crystal Elixir Spray SmudgeWe all need a little energy cleanse from time to time. Our spray smudge works just as well as the original herbal smoke smudge without the smoke and a more vibrant smell. (People who hate the smell of smoke smudge tend to love our spray smudge.) This little bottle can be taken with you to the office, traveling, used in hotels and other places smoke is not allowed. $14.


7. Mini Crystal Ganeshas

Mini Amethyst Ganesha

OMG. These guys are so cute! Ganesha is the elephant headed god of removing obstacles. He helps you through your struggles and offers encouragement to find creative SOULutions. Keep them with you at all times in your pocket, purse, on your desk, altar, or nightstand. Clear your mind and find answers from your heart. $11.


8. Crystal Facial Roller

Crystal Facial Roller

Another self-care ritual to roll away stress and tension from your face, neck, shoulders and hands. These beautiful roller can actually be used anywhere on the body that is holding excess tension. For an extra special treat, place the roller in it's protective case and then pop in the fridge or freezer before using. $18.


9. Peridot Clean Crystal Candle

Peridot clean crystal candle

Our perfectly unscented and 100% non-toxic candles will super charge your space with their clean energy, pure light and crystal vibrations. Each candle has a primary crystal and Arkansas Quartz Crystals that have been charged in the full moon light! This Peridot candle will help balance the heart chakra and guide you towards more acceptance, delight, abundance, and love. $33.

10. Calling It In Mala

Calling it in mala
Success is found by knowing your True Self and following your purpose. This mala will block out distractions and negative energies so you can be confident and progress despite any obstacles. With this mala you can call in your heart's highest desires and make them manifest. $222.

Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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