I know just how much you love, love, love crystals! Come on, who doesn't?! But what do you do when you start collecting them and you don't know what to use them for.

I've got you friend. Today's post is all about how to bring simple, practical crystal rituals into your life. Basically, what to do with these beauties and how do you use them every day so they don't just sit on your shelf gathering dust. 

You can make anything into a ritual with the right intention behind it. The ritual gets more and more potent the longer you practice it. So, lets start with the really practical ways to bring crystal vibes into your daily life. 

1. Put Crystals in Your Water.

I love putting crystals in my water to infuse the liquid of life with the vibrations of my crystal allies. Choose what ever crystals resonate with you. Just be sure they won't dissolve in water (like halite and selenite) and aren't poisonous (like malachite, copper based minerals and sulfur). Place an intention with the crystals as you put them in your water. 

Bonus: everyone will know it is your water glass and stop stealing it. Or they might just sneak a drink to get a little of what ever good juju you are putting off!

2. Place Them in Your Pocket or Bra.

I love carrying around crystals with me. I used to teach a lot of yoga and so few yoga pants have pockets so I pulled an old trick used by my mother and put the crystals in my bra. Be mindful here, if they are too large or of a strange shape people might start looking at you funny! And be sure if you go get an x-ray you take the crystals out of your clothing. I had an actual client who thought she had breast cancer. Turns out it was just a crystal left in her bra!! 

3. Keep EMFs at Bay While Working.

There are some crystals that are fabulous for absorbing negative energy as well as absorbing Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) put off by things like computers, cell phones, and other electronics. I have Smoky Quartz all over my desk. Other great EMF absorbers are Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Sungite, Purple Fluorite, and Lepidolite.

I also like to decorate my desk with crystals to be touch stones of the energy I need and want while working. That way I can easily grab one when I need mental clarity, perseverance or a little compassion for myself or others.

4. Sleep with Crystals.

There are so many good crystals for improving sleep and calming the mind that I totally take advantage of these vibes while sleeping. Place crystals on your nightstand or for even more potency inside your pillowcase (if it is just under your pillow you might end up loosing track of it in the night!). Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. So I just roll over and grab a couple sleep allies and lay them on my body. Forehead, sternum and belly are great places to put your crystals. 

5. Place Crystals on Your Body.

Like I mentioned in #4 I like to place crystals on my body to help me relax. In waking hours I sometimes like to meditate with crystals on my body. You can use as many or as few as you'd like. Placing one on each chakra is luscious! If it is hard for you to give yourself permission to rest, take this as an opportunity to not only honor your body but also soak up some healing vibes. Use your intuition for what crystals to use and where to place them. The centerline of the body is stable and correlates with the chakra system. Holding them in your hands is also nice while lying down.

6. Use Protection Crystals in Your Car.

I've had a hunk of Smoky Quartz in my car for years. It wards off negative energy coming at me from other drivers, sets a field of protection around my vehicle and people riding in the car and adds a energetic level of safety and security to each outing. I have my Smoky rutilated Quartz in the center console under my dash. I find it is way better in there than just trash or packs of gum. Other useful crystals you could place in your car for protection include Amethyst, Labradorite, Hematite, Tiger's Eye, Rutilated Quartz, and Obsidian.

 7. Journal with Crystals.

I enjoy journaling and when I have a crystal in my hand or right next to my journal it just seems to help me stay more present to the words flowing out of me and the clarity of what I'm writing. Again, you can use your intuition to choose crystals that will bring a sense of ease to your writing. Which is actually very powerful if you need to write something for work or for a project. Let the crystal energy guide your words.

8. Create Crystal Stations of Beauty.

I have crystals all over my house! I love creating clusters of crystals that I get to look at and walk by every day. Use them on shelves, mantels, dressers, window sills, and really, just about anywhere you want to up the frequency. We have crystals next to our TV, in the family room to bring harmony, by the front door to positively inspires anyone visiting our home, bookshelves, and I have my office gridded to seal in good vibes and protect from negative influences. 


9. Collect Crystals.

Add to your collection as you travel and go to interesting places. I adore my crystal collection and have inspired my children to have their own crystal collections. Place them in a sacred container, dedicate a shelf to them, and bring them into your life. Crystals are so fun to have around and when you start growing your collection you have access to more and more healing energy. 

10. Meditate with Crystals.

Last but certainly not least--meditate with your crystals! I have crystals on my altar and usually hold crystals in my hands or place one in my lap while meditating. When I'm doing a ceremony for myself or for others I create a crystal grid that I meditate inside of which establishes an energetic container for the meditation. Crystals change your field. Your energy adjusts to theirs and you create magic together!

I hope this helps you know what to do with those earthly beauties you have been gathering into your life. Let me know if you have questions or want to share how you use your crystals!

Many blessings on your crystal journey!

With Love,



Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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