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After an unexpected turn of events (thank you Kali Ma), we have decided to change our business name to Shakti SOULutions!!!

Shakti is the Divine Feminine energy of the universe that creates all things. The Masculine is the Spirit, that which never changes, and the Feminine is that which brings Spirit into this world, fully alive, awake and interactive. 

Shakti and I have been working together for years, first by waking up my own feminine power and recognizing the strength of her within me. You see, the patriarchy has taught us that masculine is better than feminine and that the feminine is inherently weak, meager, indecisive and overly emotional. I didn't know until I started working with her that she was bad ass, clever, so strong, intuitive, creative and passionate. 

Since waking my own Feminine Shakti, I have been listening to her wisdom and guidance as I work with my own clients, helping them to recognize their Divine Feminine and empower that side of ourselves. (No matter your gender Shakti is inside you.) 

Crystals are filled with Shakti, each possessing their own healing energy signatures and brilliance. They are gifts from Mother Earth herself, here to partner with humans to elevate consciousness (Divine Masculine) and make this world a better place to live. 

As for the "SOULutions" part of our name, well that just had to stay. We are the SOULutions we seek. We are the SOULution. And every aspect of our work helps you to align with the beauty, strength and resilience of your own soul. Understanding the SOULution means understanding, loving and appreciating ourselves by clearing the clutter, chaos, limitations and shadows that have been holding us back from our fullness. 

Shakti SOULutions will continue to provide high quality crystals, organic small batch apothecary products, handmade malas as well as energy healing (in person or distance) and spiritual empowerment coaching

We are excited for the new opportunities that come with a fresh start and a new name. We hope you like our new name as much as we do. 


Much love,


Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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