Self-doubt is a silent killer of energy, vitality, confidence, and motivation. It works in the confines of your own mind and few ever know that you are dealing with it. You may be surprised to know that many confident men and women secretly deal with self-doubt.

If you are interested in in the secret to overcoming self-doubt, you will definitely want to watch my video.

And to supplement and support you on your journey of overcoming self-doubt you can utilize these crystal allies along the way.


1. Carnelian- This crystal is great for restoring the sacral chakra and boosting self-confidence by removing blocks. It is known as the stone of courage and confidence in action and its mere presence is said to bring you luck and opportunity. Crystal experts often recommend bringing it to job interviews or your first day of work because the stone creates harmony between mental focus and creativity.

A natural confidence booster that will enable you to connect with your inner child and express your authentic self. This crystal can provide you with the courage and support to share your creative abilities without fear of judgment. On a physical level, it purifies the blood and protects the heart. Carnelian may also pump up the passion and romance by stimulating your sacral chakra.

Check out Carnelian.


2. Citrine– Citrine evokes positivity and optimism. It’s a veritable happiness crystal with warm, uplifting energy that is ideal for when you’re feeling down. Citrine can bring good fortune and generosity your way. It’s a wonderful tool for manifesting abundance. It has the ability to dissolve any blocks standing between you and your goals.

Check out Citrine.


3. Sunstone- This crystal embodies the light and happiness of the sun. It helps with self-confidence because it is known to help you shine where you need to, exposing your inner strength. If you are lacking confidence in a certain skill, the sunstone will help you with that. It has even been known to bring out hidden talents!

Check out Sunstone.

This talisman harnesses the power of the sun, the ruler of Leo. Sunstone will inspire you with newfound joie de vivre and enthusiasm for your life’s purpose. This crystal can enhance prosperity and get you noticed by the right people leading to advances in your career. It helps release negativity and allow you to embrace your self-worth.

Rose Quartz

4. Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz has gained a lot of popularity in the crystal world and for good reason. It is the stone of unconditional love and not just for others but for yourself. With this crystal’s help, you will learn to love and accept yourself and self-confidence will naturally follow. With radical self-love you can acknowledge self-doubt with reverence and kindness, giving it space to be, eventually releasing its grip on you.

Check out Rose Quartz.


5. Amazonite- While it can keep negativity away from you, it can also dispel the negative energy and doubt that you harbor with in, bringing you peace of mind. Amazonite is a stone of tranquility, peace, and protection from the undesirable elements of life. It can serve as a real barrier against the unwelcome elements of your life that are affecting your spirit and joy. To put it clearly, Amazonite will keep negative energy away from you. It is one of the most protective stones you can own.

Amazonite is the perfect stone for opening those lines of communication we were talking about earlier. Don’t forget that we don’t always know everything about ourselves. As humans, we are an enigma, and our subconscious is one of the best secret keepers around.

Amazonite helps you to not only better understand yourself, but it also ensures that you stay cool, calm and collected when self-doubt hits hard. Self-doubt can often cause feelings of panic and panic incites exaggerated or untrue thoughts. Amazonite makes sure you never lose sight of what’s real and helps to keep the peace internally.

Check out Amazonite.


6. Lapis- Closely associated with the throat chakra, Lapis Lazuli is a great stone to own if you are an entrepreneur. This stone allows you to really tap into your inner power, giving you the strength and confidence to banish self-doubt when it rears its ugly head.

With strong truth and wisdom energy, Lapis Lazuli is the perfect tool for speaking and living your truth. It asks you to turn inwards and really think about what feels right to you. Trust your gut and invest time and energy into your creative visions. (Trust your intuition.)

Check out Lapis.

Green Fluorite

7. Green Fluorite -Merge mind into heart. Cleansing, organizing and freshness of spring time renewal to the heart chakra, eliminates negative energy within a room, aligns one’s thoughts, words and actions with the heart, aids visualization and meditation, promotes effectiveness of affirmations and mantras.

Check out Green Fluorite.


8. Kyanite- clear negative energy, listen to inner knowing. One of the few minerals which never needs cleansing or clearing. It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction. If directed with the consciousness of the user, it can also open the chakras. Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies with perfection. It should be noted that until the underlying cause of the blockage(s) is eliminated, the disorder will return again and again.

Check out Kyanite.


9. Epidote- purges and cathartically detoxifies negative and repressed emotions; helpful in overcoming habitual negativity, hopelessness, sarcasm, self-doubt and other destructive emotional patterns; positive and enlightening energy; encourages one to take action to make positive changes. Release of negativity, embracing positive patterns, attraction of what one emanates. Increases that which one attunes it to. It augments things of the material world: wealth, possessions, relationships, employment, etc. It augments the properties of other stones. It dispels criticality, enhances perception, participation, and personal power.

Check out Epidote.


10. Brucite- Known for its healing vibrations, Brucite is a stone that radiates positive energies that inspire good decision-making and success in life. If you want to regain some direction in your life and need to accomplish certain goals, Brucite should be your go-to crystal.

Brucite helps the mind understand its spiritual mission and gain confidence and willingness to move forward with clarity. It assists in relinquishing the stronghold that negative outside forces have on you, while strengthening your inner being. All you must do is become more in touch with yourself and follow your purest form of intuition. This action is your soul speaking to you, providing you with answers during the most indecisive times. As you continue to read, listen, and understand what your spirit is saying, you will be better informed on what your purpose in this world is. Brucite gives you determination to take decisive action and make a change to better yourself.

Check out Brucite.

To use these crystals, keep them close by. Place them in your work space, altar, night stand to help you where you need the support. Meditate with them by holding them in your hands while focusing inward or laydown and place them on your chakras. I enjoy keeping them in my pockets throughout the day.

However you choose to use them, allow their energy to support you as you move closer and closer to your highest self.


With Love,


Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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