The winter solstice is a time to go within, embrace the dark so you can return to the light. It is seeing what you have been through, the patterns and beliefs that bind you from the shadows and a willingness to receive the gifts and blessings of it all. It is embracing radical self-love and utter honesty with yourself so you can find completion in the old and make room for the new.

Winter Solstice Energy

The winter solstice happens once a year in each hemisphere, and we experience the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is a very potent time of year to work with crystals.

Winter Solstice Energy encourages you to work on yourself and assess the progress you’ve made in the year. With the weather cold, it’s the perfect time to stay indoors and use your meditation practice to go inside.  Winter Solstice is a time of going in deep to restore core identity, core purpose, and core vitality. 

This energy is restorative and healing. Since this is the longest night of the year many relate it to the dark night of the soul which is a journey of honoring the old, seeing it clearing and receiving the blessings so you can transform it the pure light that you are.

It is a time to set intentions and allow new ideas to take root. The intentions set at the winter solstice germinate in the following seasons of your journey. They can help support your personal, professional and spiritual development.

With this powerful and potent transformational energy it is a great time to focus on your crystal healing journey and allow your crystal allies to help you along the way.

The Best Crystals for Winter

Crystals for Winter Solstice and Winter Season

The best stones and crystals for the winter season are those that keep negative energy away and support you emotionally and spiritually as you spend time with your hopes, dreams and plans as you decide on your next steps. Warming crystals will promote inspiration to fuel your ideas.

1. Clear Quartz 

With the appearance of perpetual ice, clear quartz is excellent to work with this time of year. Meditating with or carrying a piece of clear quartz is going to help you gain clarity over what you want to do in the next season of your journey. It can also help you see through your shadows to understand how they have played a part in the future you want to build.

Arkansas Quartz Cluster

2. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz can warm the heart in the coldest of times. It can ignite the light of love and hope in a darkness of self-doubt. The soothing pink vibration brings calm and serenity to an anxious heart and mind. As you step into the light, rose quartz will offer you the self-love needed to embody confidence and keep up your self-care rituals. Perfect for the hectic run-up to seasonal holidays or family get-togethers.

Rose Quartz Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles

3. Selenite

Selenite is a wonderful cleansing stone which brings in light and positive energy into your present circumstances and helps you move forward with ease. This crystal looks like it came straight out of a frozen mountain cave. Selenite helps clear away last year’s energy so that you only take the lessons learned into the new year. It can help you tune into the support and guidance of your angels.


4. Lapis

The rich and soothing color of blue calms the mind and helps you overcome the blues. It can help you communicate consciously, improving relationships. Lapis helps you connect with your highest self and to receive Divine guidance and support. With the help of Lapis, you can restore your core identity and clear that which is not the Real You. Keep this dark blue stone around for meditation and self-reflection. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of deep inner work and spiritual development.

Lapis Lazuli Free Form Sculpture

5. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline will protect you from those out there who are not on such an enlightened journey. It can help you relax and ground while it clears dense energy from your field. Black Tourmaline helps you clear negative thought patterns while restoring your vitality.

Black Tourmaline

6. Citrine

Citrine invites prosperity and abundance into your life. Use it to channel your passion and energy into achieving your goals in a balance and fulfilling way. Citrine can support you as you tap into and implement your divine purpose.

Citrine Cluster

7. Carnelian

With its warm tones of orange, red and white it brings the warmth of fire. Carnelian is excellent for boosting energy and creativity. Working with this fiery stone will increase motivation so you can make positive changes in your life.

Carnelian Sculpture

8. Garnet

In the dark and cold of winter, it may be hard to get motivated and feel passionate about anything. Use garnet to reignite your inner fire and support your manifestation process. Garnet can reduce tiredness, enhance your vitality and stamina, and help you feel prepared to take on anything life brings you.

Hessonite Garnet

9. Amethyst

Amethyst calms your overactive mind so you can lean into and trust your intuition as you set intentions for the upcoming year. It is useful in heling you make decisions and move forward in life. Amethyst clears stress and brings self awareness and inner serenity. Amethyst can be used to cleanse away old energy and negativity. It helps get through feelings of depression and if you’re feeling down about things.


Should I Charge My Crystals During the Winter Solstice?

Yes! Absolutely! Charging your crystals on the Winter Solstice is very powerful for setting your intentions for transformation. It is the turning point for transmuting existing dark energy into light filled energy.

On the day of the solstice you can charge your crystals in the sunlight and in the moonlight for the manifestation of potent changes. Earth and fire crystals are best charged in the sunlight. Water, air and ether crystals will sparkle in the crisp winter night sky.

Embrace the Light

Solstice gives you the chance to end cycles in your life that no longer serve you and launch you into a new adventure. The dark night of the soul is now behind you can you can embrace the light of love within and all around you.

Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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