Durga is a fierce warrior goddess, the ultimate protectress of her children/devotees, and offers the unconditional love and acceptance of the Divine Mother. She is celebrated and worshiped around the world.

Navaratri, the Nine Nights of the Goddess, is celebrated in Spring and Fall in India to celebrate the descent of Durga.

She originally came to this world through the combined efforts of the Gods to stop two evil demons, Shumba and Nishumba who represent the ignorance and rejection of the True Self. Because the Gods were helpless against these two demons, they combined their power to create Durga. Each gave here a gift of a siddhi (spiritual power) or a weapon to destroy evil.

She is a reminder that śakti (the divine feminine power) exists within each of us. And that it is up to us to learn to use our divine gifts. She is here to show us the way to stop suppressing the true nature of the Self and instead, set ourselves free (moksha) through inquiry and action connecting with the Divine within.

Durga is considered one of the most powerful Goddesses in the Hindu pantheon—the ultimate protectress, warrior, and mother—filled with the divine śakti to liberate any being from any evil.

The following crystals can be used to enhance your devotional practices throughout Navaratri or in the coming months to continue your spiritual journey with supportive crystal allies. Place them on your altar, hold them while you meditate or journal, put them in your living and work spaces, wear them as jewelry or keep them in your pocket. 

Your focused intention and consistent practice will aid you on the path of conscious alignment. 

The Nine Forms of Durga in the Fall Navaratri and Crystals You Can Use to Connect With Them

Agate: there are many forms of agate that work well at emotional and physical levels. Agate helps you get unstuck and find flow. It personifies the first incarnation of Durga, Śailaputri Mā, she who allows the rock to yield and waters to flow. So, on this first day of Navaratri, ask her for what you want. Then be willing to give up attachment to being stuck and invite in the easy flow of energy and intention into your life.

Agate for Day 1 of Navaratri Shailaputri Ma
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Citrine: is a stone of manifestation, personal power and divine cooperation. It never needs to be cleansed and is a helpful tool when you need to let go of something that is holding you back. It resonates with the second form of the Divine Mother, Brahmacārini Mā, she who brings co-participation with source.
Citrine for Day 2 of Navaratri Brahmacharini  Ma
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Moonstone: carries the energy of the moon that attracts good fortune and connects you with the wisdom of your emotions. Candraghantā Mā, the third incarnation, signifies peace and connecting to your highest self through your feeling nature. Invite your emotions to move through you instead of over indulging in them or resisting them. Learn what they are here to teach you with the use of Moonstone.
Moonstone for Day 3 of Navaratri Candraghanta Ma
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Rose Quartz: embodies the energy of universal love. Kūṣmāṇda Mā is the fourth śakti and has fully entered the body, now completely situated in the heart. It is a day to focus on the enormous power of love-which is the practice of letting go of fear.
Rose Quartz for Day 4 of Navaratri Kushmanda Ma
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Amethyst: is an excellent stone to discover and awaken your intuition and help you walk your soul’s purpose with confidence. Skandamātā Mā is the fifth form and personifies the divine feminine śakti in the body so you can align with your dharma. Use Amethyst to let go of the regret and struggle you’ve been through so you can step more fully into your life’s purpose.
Amethyst  for Day 5 of Navaratri Skandamata Ma
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Fairy Quartz: is a form of druzy quartz that amplifies energy and intention and helps overcome fear at all levels. It personifies the sixth form of Durga, Kātyāyāni Mā who is both a fierce form of the goddess that uses her wisdom to overcome challenges. She inspires you to face your challenges, great or small, with their inherit strength and wisdom within.
Fairy Quartz for Day 6 of Navaratri Katyayani Ma
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Smoky Quartz: is a protective stone with detoxifying properties. It helps you heal the wounds and traumas of the past and enhances courage and inner strength. This is perfect for the seventh form of the goddess, Kālarātrī Mā wo represents the dark night of the soul. Often when you are stuck in seeing only set backs and filled with disbelief in yourself, you are being prepped for a breakthrough.
Smoky Quartz for Day 7 of Navaratri Kaalaratri Ma
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Golden Healer Quartz: is a high vibration crystal and master healer that adds radiance and light to your spiritual journey. It will raise your vibrations, amplify your intentions, and release any blockages that are present in your body and life. It represents the eighth form of the Mother, Gaurī Mā, who embodies the return of the auspicious golden light (after the dark night of the soul). She radiates peace and compassion.
Golden Healer Quartz for Day 8 of Navaratri Gauri Ma
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Clear Quartz: amplifies the energy and the effect of all other crystals and is perfect to represent the ninth form, Siddhidātrī Mā. Along with quartz she fulfills all your intentions and offers blessings to help you with what ever you asked for. She shows you your divine gifts and potential and will help you achieve it all.
Clear Quartz for Day 9 of Navaratri Siddhidatri Ma
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While the celebration of Navaratri may end after the nine nights of the goddess Durga, the vibrations and the auspicious stones will remain and continue to connect you to the endless wonders and gifts of the universe. Use them throughout the year to harness the divine mother’s wisdom, fierceness, strength, courage, love and purity. These stones will continue to connect and tune you into a life of endless possibilities and bliss.


Many blessings,


Want to establish a devotional practice for Navaratri? Check out my recent video to help you set up a sacred space and container for your practice as well as a Durga mantra perfect for Navaratri. 


Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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