The weight and stress of the world can feel overwhelming to many of us who are here to hold the light.

You get weighed down by the heaviness of all the lies, betrayals, false integrity, injustices, wars...

Who can blame you?

I love you so I have to be real honest with you.

If you feel this weight and it is dimming your light -- darkness is winning.

That is exactly the opposite of what your heart desires.

Holding the light of love means activating your spiritual willingness to focus on universal love, compassion, forgiveness and connection.

The takes great inner power to overcome the "gravity" of earthly life and all it's struggles, judgements and fears.

The process can feel like a rocket ship taking off! So much energy needed to just get going yet eventually it leaves the gravitational pull.

It takes energy, willingness and love to discover your effortless self. The expanded awareness, lightness, and understanding are 100% completely worth it!

Because without it, your resistance magnifies the weight of the world.

Holding the light is a practice of letting go of the resistance so it can be replaced by inner knowing, confidence, strength and joy.

That's why I created Crystal Moon Candles!

Because you need positive reminders of your highest self. We all do!

Because holding the light takes willingness to have compassionate understanding of the world rather than condemnation of it.

The way of the heart recognizes the oneness of all, that we do make the world a better place by making ourselves better, and it lets go of all the pressure and resistance.

It is not ignoring the darkness, nor is it becoming too involved with it.

Instead, the light of love is a continuous surrendering, letting go, turning away from and at times ignoring that which is unrewarding.

It is shifting your focus and attention towards that which your heart desires.

Holding the light is not done by vanquishing the negative but through choosing and adhering to the positive. 


Crystal Chakra Candles buy now

These candles are a fun way to remind you to focus on the light of love.

There are 13 different types of Crystal Candles you can choose from in my Early Release Insider Access!

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Here's to holding the light with you!

In gratitude,

Mindy Arbuckle

Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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