Sacred Smoke Sage Smudging

Smudging is the most commonly used forms of clearing negative energy. It uses the smoke from sage to smudge yourself and the crystal.

Did you know that 95% of the negative energy you carry around isn’t yours?

Smudging helps to clear out that negative energy which isn’t yours so you can work more easily with the stuff that is your responsibility.

It can be used to clear negative energy from your body and energy field or that of another person, a room, an object or just about anything you want to clear.

Each person’s electromagnetic field is approximately 3 feet in all directions of the body. We use the smudging process as the most effective means of ridding ourselves of other people’s energy from our field. The smoke loosens the energy and the feather gathers the energy to clear it.

One note I'd like to point out if you've tried smudging in the past and found it lost it's potency. Using only sage to smudge is only partially effective. The negative energy adapts to the same ingredient. So, I suggest using 2-4 ingredients. That's why our Crystal Cleansing Smudge Kit comes with sage, rose and fir needles.

The below instructions are for clearing the energy field of a person. You can apply it with minor adjustments to cleanse crystals, rooms, or another person, or anything else.

To Smudge:

  • Use an abalone shell as your vessel. This brings in the purifying energy of water and earth.
  • Within the shell place the following three items:
    1. Choose a specific kind of sage to use (White Sage is the most common). Each kind of sage will carry with it particular properties. Using a leaf or two at a time is sufficient. Sage brings in the plant kingdom.
    2. Choose a dried flower like rose, lavender or jasmine. Flower energy. 
    3. Choose a tree essence like pine needles. Tree energy.
    4. (Other natural essences can be used as well to enhance the experience like star anise, orange peel, clove, herbs, rosemary, etc. Use your intuition when choosing to use these items.)
  • Use a turkey wing feather to slowly wash the body with the smoke of the burning herbs. Gently waft the smoke all over the body or just around the heart. Breathe deeply and feel yourself letting go. (Wing feathers bring in the element of air. Burning the sage offers the element of fire.)
  • Repeat to yourself: “I ask the contents within the abalone shell to work together to absorb, neutralize and dissipate negative energy from my field. Especially any that is not my own.” (Intention brings in the element of Ether.)
    • You can customize the words you use to your own situation. Remember the words “absorb, neutralize and dissipate” in the process.
  • Continue to smudge yourself for 3-8 minutes. If the sage burns out before you have completed the clearing simply relight it. One drop of lavender oil can help the igniting process.

Watch an instructional video at

Palo Santo Smudging

Palo Santo is another essence used to burn. It is a wood and the  smoke cleanses, grounds and clears energy when burned. It raises your vibration for deeper connection to Source. Enhances creativity, uplifts and brings good fortune. The smell will bring peace and clarity to the moment along with good feelings.

Other methods to clear energy from crystals include:

  • Sunlight
  • Full moon
  • Running water
  • Salt
  • Third eye
Written by Mindy Arbuckle

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