Vanadinite Crystal on White Barite

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An absolute stunner of a crystal! The rich, red orange of Vanadinite makes it so striking!! The small Vanadinite crystals are formed on a bed of White Barite. It is so beautiful how the fins of Barite are covered with Vanadinite. 

If you look closely you'll find tiny vanadinite crystals on every side of this piece!

I have always been drawn to this mineral and love it's ability to help you manifest through action and creativity!

2.6" T x 1.4" W x 1.4" D

Crystal Energies

Vanadinite – Promotes a deep state of meditation, and it creates a clear center within the body, stimulating the chakras and bringing a deep peace within the soul.
Promotes order, helping one to define goals, and pursue them in an orderly motivated manner.
Helps one in the accomplishment of lots of work.
Activates endurance, persistence, power and the will needed to see things through to completion.
Provides clear thought, organization, determination and vitality for achieving goals that require hard work.
Can help writers be creative and overcome “writer’s block”.
Promotes action, creativity and production.
Aids in expression of one’s creative ideas.
Helps sustain one’s energy through creative or work endeavors, enabling one to be more productive and more energetic.
Great for manifestation.

Chakra Connection

2nd chakra.

How to Use

Hold while meditating.
Place in your home somewhere you'd like to focus your manifesting powers, like your office for greater motivation and organization or in a bedroom for more passion.