Trust the Flow Mala

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

The combination of gemstones brings together Earth, Water and Fire helping to balance the first three elements. With joy and vitality it will help you trust the flow of life and your highest self.

108 High Vibe Gemstone Beads:

Lava (black) is both grounding and purifying. It's a stone of strength, fertility, growth, change and creation. It anchors stability in times of change and can release anger related to said change, providing guidance. It is born of intensity and is a stone of rebirth, shedding attachments and negative patterns. It brings trust in learning how to go with the flow of the earth.

Yellow Opal (bright yellow) happily helps you make the most out of opportunities and challenges. Enhances trust in the divine, soothing stress because of change. Helps you overcome past wounds so you can deconstruct walls you developed because of said wounds. It has an exceptionally joyful energy. It invites you to dance with the Divine and have an optimistic view of the world and yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace life.

Tiger's Eye (stripy gold) is a stone of the sun and filled with positive yang energy. It helps you shift your perspective when you are feeling stuck or frustrated and helps you see the possibilities that are always around you. It facilitates change and creates opportunities. Optimistic like the bright sun, it increases your motivation and ability to create wealth and abundance. Assists in accomplishing goals with clarity and commitment. It guides you to wisely use your inner power and strength. It's filled with empowerment, integrity, vitality, practicality and self-worth.

Blue Sponge Coral is both spiritual and practical. It boosts psychic awareness so you can explore your inner self deeply and honestly. Guides you in claiming your most authentic spiritual and personal power. Quiets turbulent emotions bringing inner peace. It improves inner and outer communication. It helps with negativity, depression and concern about what others think. Brings success in business and attracting money.


Balances Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat & Brow Chakras

mala balances root chakra mala balances sacral chakra mala balances solar plexus chakra mala balances throat chakra mala balances brow chakra

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