True Potential Mala

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

In this newly created mala, Green Opal, and Prehnite with Epidot activate the heart chakra in this beautiful mala while Iolite, Faceted Labradorite combine to awaken the brow chakra.  The inner insight, willingness to love yourself along your spiritual journey and manifest for your highest good makes this a mala that will help you reveal your True Potential!


Green Opal (green and brown) – Green Opal is a common opal that's all about the heart. This crystal is here to provide nourishing and rejuvenating energies to remind us of the inner strength we truly posses. It helps heal the heart of wounds by dispelling resentment and frustration. Green Opal is said to produce gentle and loving energy. Many believe that its powers focus on the heart and mind, creating positive transformations to your very being that could manifest change in the physical world! Green Opal is said to radiate so much positive energy that it changes the way you think and approach situations in your life.

Prehnite Epidote (light green with dark green epidote streaks) sings with a very high energy for transformation and creation. It raises our vibration so that we are happier, more peaceful, and feel truly empowered. It helps us to walk, talk, think and feel like our Highest Self. Prehnite Epidote helps us to let go of anything that holds us back from enjoying life right now. It ignites within us a fire of passion and integrity, which helps us to pursue our dreams and make good things happen. It amplifies our manifestation powers, especially when we are consciously manifesting something that serves the Highest Good. Prehnite Epidote teaches us how to live in a way that is healthy and delightful. It helps us to be more open to spiritual guidance, particularly messages specifically meant to heal us or enrich our lives.

Iolite – Inner vision, shamanic journeying, healing of old wounds, calms an overactive mind, focused meditation, discernment, action based on wisdom. It is a key stone for use at the third-eye and crown chakras during healings, meditations, and astral travel. It assists one to change painlessly in endeavors of spiritual growth. It balances male/female aspects, bringing harmony within, while eliminating dissonance in relationships. It helps one let go of the belief that one needs to control inner experiences and it dissolves the fear of the unknown or suppressed parts of the psyche. Helps on to move forward into areas of old fear, shining a light on old wounds is the most direct path to healing. On the inward journey it reveals hidden treasures of the self, enhancing peace and joy. Blends normal conscious thinking with intuitive knowing, more deeply connecting the mind and the heart.

Labradorite – protects and clears the aura; enhances connection between physical and ethereal realms; discernment; vitality; protection; karmic awareness and purification. Realize and achieve the destiny of this life. Relieving insecurities and apprehension while enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and absolute purity of universal harmony. Helps one traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance to get through anything that comes your way. Facilitates transformation of intuition into intellectual thought so you can implement guidance into your life. It allows one to trust that the light is always present. Assists in inspiring through teaching this world of love and light – advancement of humanity through illumination. Clears and aligns the subtle bodies and chakras. Reduces stress/anxiety. Self-discovery, illumination of the multi-facets of life, inner vision, meditation, protection.


Balances the heart chakra Balances the brow chakra 

Balance your heart and brow chakras with this mala. 

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