Thulite Raw Crystal, 1.5"

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Our Thulite is direct from Norway and is bubblegum pink. It is a raw piece of Thulite, completely natural. 

1" T x 1.5" W x 1.3" D

39 g

Crystal Energies

Thulite – encourages happiness, contentment, enthusiasm, affection, pleasure and joy.

It facilitates one in seeing the fundamental goodness of the world and oneself. Encourages rapport with new people and empathy to understand other’s viewpoints. It can diffuse tension and help find common ground.

Great stone for children, helping them feel safe, happy and at home in the world.

For all people, it encourages self-love and the feeling of being “comfortable in one’s skin.”

It supports the formation of healthy habits from that basis of self-love, and helps break self-destructive patterns (such as smoking as well as for emotional imbalances like shame and self-judgement).

A stone of the heart it helps one in speaking sincerely and acting generously, without concern for one’s vulnerability. It allows one to break through old walls of unhealthy self-protection that isolate one from others.

It increases the frequency of spontaneous acts for the good of all.

Strengthens the heart mind connection and interpreting the world and life as safe and good. Facilitates this positive dialog, which can change one’s experience of the world and help one to manifest more than they had ever dreamed possible.

Chakra Connection

Heart Chakra

How to Use

Place in an area of your home or work space that can use more loving communication, peace, or focused on your true purpose.
Meditating with this stone will awaken your heart, cultivating a more loving attitude towards life and relationships.