Smoky Quartz Freeform Faceted Crystal, 1.8"

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Natural smoky quartz that has been freeform faceted. This crystal is very clear with some natural fissures that look white compared to the smoky color of the rest of the crystal. 

1.8" T x 1.5 W x 1.5" D

58 g

Crystal Energies

Smoky Quartz dissolves negative energies and mental/emotional blockages, excellent grounding and protection stone.

Provides for an encompassing barrier of energy around the user.

Antidote to stress helping you to tolerate difficult times with equanimity and a fortifying resolve, promotes personal pride and joy in living.

Can lift depression and bring calm.

It is a “stone of cooperation” stimulating the unification of energies towards the goal.

Strengthens practicality, resolve and organization.

It relieves fear, and aids in manifesting one’s dreams and inspiration.

Chakra Connection

Root Chakra

How to Use

Hold while meditating to remove negative energy and thoughts.

Keep in your pocket throughout the day as a touchstone of protection and stress management.