Shakti Ma Goddess Mala - Power & Creative Flow

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Shakti is the creative, Divine Feminine energy of the Universe. She is everywhere and in everything.

Accessing Shakti’s highly concentrated and harmonious (Sattvic) energy will guide you through karmic patterns, negative and self-limiting beliefs, and that which keeps you from your own feminine power. When you start freeing up this energy you will feel like you are regaining your vitality and zest for life.

Your life give you plenty of opportunities to clean house, unblocking the qualities in your heart and mind that harm yourself and others. Offering your life and actions in a sacred rather than selfish manner lets you overcome anger and fear through love. In Her presence the divine consciousness within, which is the source of all healing power, your faith and vitality will be restored.

108 High Vibe Gemstone Beads of Rose Quartz, Multi-tonal and Peach Moonstone, and Lava. It has a multi-tonal pink, cream, and beige recycled sari silk tassel with a lovely little sterling silver lotus pendant.

Shakti Ma's Mala Bracelet is available here, sold separately. 

Crystal Energies

Moonstone enhances your feeling nature and intuition as it provides flashes of insight that can be practically applied. It aligns you with inner rhythms and inner knowing. Soothes nerves, anxiety and an overthinking mind. Aligns with your spiritual purpose & attracts good fortune. It releases emotional tension, stimulates confidence and composure, enhances the feminine, brining tenderness within the self and happiness to the environment.

Rose Quartz is one of the most potent crystals to heal the heart and offer loving compassion. Emits a calming, cooling energy that can be used to gently remove negativity and reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. Brings peace and calm to relationships. It allows the user to open to the Goddess within. It boosts emotional intelligence by aiding in learning to identify and feel one’s emotions. It promotes acceptance, inner peace, forgiveness and stress release.

Lava is both grounding and purifying. It's a stone of strength, fertility, growth, change and creation. It anchors stability in times of change and can release anger related to said change, providing guidance. It is born of intensity and is a stone of rebirth, shedding attachments and negative patterns.

Chakra Connection

Balances Root, Sacral & Heart Chakras

How to Use

Malas can be worn as sacred jewelry as necklaces or wrapped bracelets.
Their full potential lies in using them as prayer beads. Hold in your right hand and let rest over your middle finger. Use the thumb to push or pull one bead at a time with each repetition of your mantra or prayer.

Shakti Mantra:
"Om Para Shaktyai Namaha"
Meaning: Om I honor the great goddess that exists in all.