Serpentine Heart, 3"

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Our bright and happy Serpentine heart stone is perfect for holding in your hands or using in healing layouts on the body.

2.7" T x 3" W x 0.7" D

142 g

Crystal Energies

Serpenitne is an activator of Kundalini Shakti and clears the chakras.

It enhances your meditative state.

The bright green color connects you to the harmonious flow of Nature and is very effective at soothing the emotional body.

It is a stone that helps you release fear of change and hardship and opens your body, mind and heart to feeling optimistic about the future.

Chakra Connection

Heart Chakra

How to Use

Hold while meditating to clear your mind and open your heart.
Place on your body while lying down to clear your chakras and begin to awaken Kundalini.