Scolecite Palm Stone

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Gorgeous palm stone with the natural bright white beauty of Scolecite. It easily and naturally calms your body and mind as you hold this perfectly sized stone in your hands.

3.3" T x 2" W x 1.2" D

0.16 kg

Crystal Energies

Scolecite brings inner peace, relaxation, tranquility, enhances meditation, restful sleep, inner exploration.
Stone of deep inner peace that will enhance meditation, create more restfulness in sleep or dream more sweetly.
Awakens the higher mind.
Facilitates dream recall.

Chakra Connection

Is a gentle cleanser of debris from the 6th and 7th chakras, allowing light to shine in.

How to Use

Perfect to place on your body during a lying down meditation or to help you get back to sleep at night.
Hold in your hand during meditation to bring calm to you mind.