Saraswati Ma Ebook: Creative Expression and Liberation

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In this beautiful eBook written by Mindy Arbuckle, founder of Shakti SOULutions, you'll discover who Saraswati Ma is, her origin story, and reason's to call upon this wisdom goddess.

Saraswati's origin story is helps us understand the vital importance of the Sacred Feminine in creation. Study her symbology and use her iconography to activate your inner wisdom, creativity and beauty.

Learn what essential oils and crystals you can use to activate and align with Saraswati's energy. 

Invoke her power with a potent mantra.

You'll learn the best yoga pose to embody Saraswati's presence and have a guided meditation to help you open to your sacred path and purpose. 

There are also several journal prompts and affirmations to help you really integrate Saraswati into your wholeness.