Rainbow Obsidian Twin Hearts

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Rainbow Obsidian is magical with how they carve twin hearts into this stone. They are angled forward to catch the light beautifully. The rainbow colors range from black to golds, pinks, to greens, blues and purples. Honestly, the bottom of this sculpture is just a beautiful as the top!

The twin hearts can help you balance your romantic relationships or draw in your own twin flame. Or it can be viewed to help you balance your human heart with your divine heart. 

3.25" W x 1.7" D x 0.8" T

Crystal Energies

Rainbow Obsidian – One of the gentler obsidians but with strong protective properties.
It teaches you about your spiritual nature as it releases the grips of old love and replenishes the heart’s energy.
It absorbs negative energy from the aura and draws off stress from the body. Therefore it needs cleansing often.
It reflects ones flaws and gives a clear image of how to change them.
This is a grounding and protective stone, stabilizing internal and external energies.
It clears unloving thoughts which are directed at oneself and provides a shield against negativity.
It is a creative stone helping to manifest spiritual energies on earth.
It increases self-control.

Chakra Connection

Obsidian works with the 1st Chakra. Rainbow Obsidian connects with all chakras.

How to Use

Clear the path to love and attracting your perfect twin flame with the use of this gorgeous crystal. Release all your fears and worries into it.
Be sure to cleanse often as it can retain negative energy it is protecting you from.