Rainbow Fluorite Ganesha Carving, 2.75"

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

Holy Ganesha! 

This Rainbow Fluorite crystal, 2.75" tall Ganesha is phenomenal! It has an amber hue with streaks of purple and green! The colors really shine bright with a bit of light shone upon it!!! Stunning yellows, streaks of purple, pinks, and greens.

Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and will help you solve your problems by clearing the mind and finding answers from the heart!

Rainbow Fluorite - This striking crystal comes in a range of colors and sections within each stone. However, purple, blue, green, and yellow are often most prominent.

Due to its multi-colored characteristics, it comes full of different types of metaphysical qualities.

Fluorite is generally known as the “genius stone,” and Rainbow Fluorite is nothing short of genius as well.

In addition to increasing mental function, it is also highly protective and grounding.

This stone is efficient at allowing you to maintain an open mind while activating motivation and focus.

Rainbow Fluorite helps you find balance and perspective within your daily life.

Due to its multi-colored appearance, it allows you to see things in different ways.

It promotes quick thinking, problem solving, and overall improves your intuition.

Its magical colors uplift and brighten your days, which in turn can help with self-love.

It is a great stone for boosting confidence and providing personal strength.

It has a highly soothing and calming energy which is great for when you are overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.

All chakras. This one is especially 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th.

2.75" T x 2.0" W x 1.6" D