Pink Aragonite Freeform Crystal

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This freeform polished piece of pink aragonite is an organic triangular shape. The front holds the pink while the rest is white aragonite and calcite. There is a sweet little pink corner on the back (check out the video). There is also a little druzy pocket at the top, back of the crystal.

5.4" T x 2.75" W x 1.6" D

.448 kg

Crystal Energies

Pink Aragonite is a heart centered crystal that has a soothing effect on even the strongest emotions. Connecting with this stone allows you to feel centered in the Self which helps you stay focused on your life’s purpose by guiding your actions with your heart. It activates love and compassion and confidence in kindness. It attunes you to the wisdom of your heart to guide your journey and actions. Pink Aragonite enhances your communication with loved ones, allowing you to express your thoughts and feelings in a way they will hear and understand. It is gentle grounding and filled with self-love. Pink Aragonite promotes peace, love, and relaxation, making it an ideal crystal for individuals dealing with anxiety or stress.

Chakra Connection

Heart Chakra

How to Use

Place in an area of your home or work space that can use more loving communication, peace, or focused on your true purpose.
Meditating with this stone will awaken your heart, cultivating a more loving attitude towards life and relationships.