Petrified Wood Freeform Sculpture

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This Nuummite Heart stone is dark and stormy with bright simmering light expressing itself through the void. Heart stones are great for connecting with the experience of your own heart and moving through the past with love and back towards wholeness.

3.75" T 2.5" W x 2" D

429 g

Crystal Energies

Petrified Wood connects with wisdom, guidance and love of your ancestors. It connects you with the tree spirits to receive wisdom and healing from the past.

It provides information concerning past-lives.

This stone helps you be the best you possible, walking upon the earth with grace, wisdom and ease.

It is very grounding and centering.

This stone helps you clear ancestral karma and trauma.

It is a “stone of transformation”, initiating ascension to a higher level of self.

Eliminates worries, providing grounding and strength in all areas of life.

Facilitates release of the layers you have built up around the soul, releasing that which no longer serves while retaining that which does.

Provides insight into the cause of dis-ease.

Calming stone that helps you worry less, accepting peacefully the things you cannot change.

Chakra Connection

Root Chakra

How to Use

Hold while meditating to connect with your ancestors, past lives or the wisdom in nature.

Place in your home where you feel ancestorial patterns playing out.