Parvati Goddess Amethyst Anointing Oil - Fulfillment & Love

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Shakti SOULutions Parvati Goddess Anointing Oils are made with all organic ingredients. There are Amethyst crystals in each vial and the really cool part is that the roller ball is also Amethyst! Now with authentic bamboo lids!

Our Anointing Oils are a perfect dilution of 6% with organic sweet almond oil, making them safe to use on your body daily as perfume oils or to add focus to your meditations.

Parvatii's Anointing Oil is a divine combination of oils to awaken your spiritual nature and devote yourself to your practices.

  • Rose
  • Frankincense
  • Jasmine

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Parvati is the Hindu goddess of virility, love and devotion. She is considered as the gentle and nurturing aspect of Shakti (creative energy and power) and is the yin to Shiva’s yang. Call to her when you want to dive deeper into your spiritual practices while maintaining all of your worldly duties.

We hand make our crystal anointing oils in small batches to create an extension of healing and love towards you. We infuse each layer of ingredients as well as the finished product with prana in order create the love, protection, and light that is focused and channeled into this healing crystal goddess anointing oil.


These are 10mL jars filled with loving organic Sweet Almond Oil and organic essential oils of:

Chakra Connection

Roll your goddess crystal anointing oils onto your skin at pulse points, at your brow center or over any chakra. It will awaken the power of your sacred feminine to live more empowered on this planet.

Use Guide

We infuse the energy of the crystals, love, and high vibes into each small batch of our organic anointing oils. Use as a perfume on pulse points or anoint your chakras for more sacred intention and sacred feminine awakening. They are great for daily use or to enhance focus and connection during meditation. Keep one in your purse, on your altar and another in the bathroom.