Pancha Mama Mala

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

All of the goodness of Mother Earth herself lives in this mala of earthy brown, bright green and watery and sky blues. Connect with the energy of nature and trust in the flow of life while enjoying spiritual growth.


Chrysoprase (green and brown) Opens the heart to real connections with self, others and your environment. Facilitates love of self and nature. It will open you to the natural prosperity of the Universe. Supports new habits that align with your purpose. Teaches trust in and ability to flow with life and change.

Lapis (darker blue, matte) - Empowers you to follow your own inner guidance. It instills motivation and confidence when moving in your soul's direction. It holds deep wisdom. As a stone of truth, it helps you make authentic choices and decisions. Lapis unveils the wisdom of the esoteric world imparting a deep knowing. Inner vision, truthful communication. Guides you towards self-evolution and unification with divinity, while staying present with the needs of daily life. Truthfully helps overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Amazonite (light blue) – Calms, soothes, relieves stress and opens the heart to the moment. It clears pessimism as it inspires a hopeful, empowered mindset so you can move forward with optimism. Clears fears, doubts and worries as it replaces them with joy, love and enthusiasm. It helps you persevere in attaining your goals, despite any obstacles or perceived limitations. Instills a more positive belief system.

Balances the heart chakra Throat Chakra Balances the brow chakra 

Balance your heart, throat and brow chakras with this mala.