Mantras for Mamas CD

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

Little did I know when I produced this album in 2019 for pregnant women, their babies and their sanity, that the whole world would need these mantras after years in a global pandemic. 

These universal mantras were developed in my pre and postnatal yoga classes. I would play the harmonium and sing to the women and their babies to instill a sense of peace, calm and an inner knowing that all is well. 

I think that is what we all need right now as we reconfigure our lives and do so from a place of elevated consciousness, connection and love. 

Mantras for Mamas Album

This album is informed and inspired by my work with mothers over the past decade. (And yes, those are my kids on the cover. We meditated like this a lot.)

Motherhood is filled with joys and challenges, and this album helps you see it all through the lens of love, honoring the entire spectrum. We are all mothers of some sort. We all contribute to creating our world, and some women are blessed to create life.

If you are a mama, this album is meant to help you at every stage: pregnancy, birth and into motherhood. It will help you feel into yourself and realize that happiness isn’t found in the kind of day you are having, but inside your heart. Love, peace, joy are already yours. Mamas (and all of us), can be happy, steady, empowered and content.

While this album’s focus is on mothers, these mantras are universal and are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

  1. Asatoma-Darkness to Light
  2. Purnamada-From Fullness to Fullness
  3. Hrim Shrim Klim-The Heart’s Dance
  4. Aham Prema-I am Divine Love
  5. Lalita Devi-Beauty Everywhere
  6. Lokah Samastah-Happy, Healthy, Free
Lyrics to all the mantras and the meaning of of each.