Lakshmi Goddess Mala - Worthiness & Nourishment

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Lakshmi is the goddess of beauty, prosperity and nourishment. She helps us find healthy patterns to support our dharma (purpose) and give us the strength to clear out that which no longer serves us.

Lakshmi is radical responsibility--own your value, love yourself and be confident.
Embodying your power is a fun adventure. You don’t have to take life so seriously or make it so hard.

Your true spirit is ready to reign and help you draw up the energy of joy, connection, evolution, prosperity, abundance, worthiness, and love.

Lakshmi can help you work towards getting a new job, making more money, healing from within physically, emotionally, mentally. She's got the energy you need to not just keep things going in your life but to really launch you forward past any self-limiting conditioning.

108 High Vibe Gemstone Beads of Gold Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Malachite, Apatite and Green Lodalite. It has a gold, green, aqua and cream multi-tonal recycled sari silk tassel. It comes with a beautiful brass pendant with Lakshmi on the front and her yantra on the reverse.

Lakshmi's Mala Bracelet is available here, sold separately.

Crystal Energies

Golden Rutilated Quartz stimulates and clears all the chakras. It is a powerful protector from negative energy while it purifies the aura. It brings strength with love, ease in transition, growth in all avenues of one’s development as well as calm, reason and order. GRQ activates your creative energies and the ability to receive Divine inspiration.

Citrine never needs to be cleansed as it does not retain negativity, but rather dissipates and transmutes it, creating a happy disposition. It is a stone of abundance, happiness, manifestation, wealth creation, and is energizing. It assists in dispensing deep fear, bringing emotional and intellectual balance, assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth. Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence, enhances individuality, motivation, creativity and self-expression. Manifestation, personal will, mental clarity, creativity, strength, courage, confidence.

Malachite is a stone of transformation. It clears, activates and stimulates the heart chakra aiding in emotional clearing. It stimulates intuitive reasoning bringing change which facilitates advancement. Malachite promotes fidelity in love and friendship and is a powerful detoxifier of negative emotions and experiences.

Apatite is a “stone of the future” bringing inspiration, creativity, knowledge and clears mental confusion. It brings clarity of emotions, assisting in letting go of pain in order to accept peace and joy. It increases motivation, bolsters energy reserves, facilitates openness and social ease. Apatite brings access to knowledge, communication, truth, and a high level of spiritual guidance. It stimulates intellectual freedom by promoting realization that strength occurs through spiritual expansion and love, dissolving negativity and aloofness. It develops a balanced appetite for life. Apatite helps to release difficulties, stress and inadequacy.

Green Lodalite or Garden Quartz holds ancient knowledge within and serves as a tool to connect to past lives. Lodolite is a wonderful stone for manifesting as it responds very well to programming. Simply send your positive intentions for a better life telepathically into this crystal, and it will accompany you on your quest to achieve the best outcomes possible in every situation. It is both grounding and an aid to expanded consciousness. It offers the wearer tranquility, clears judgement, amplifies manifestation and positive intentions.

Chakra Connection

Balances Sacral, Heart, Throat & Crown Chakras

How to Use

Malas can be worn as sacred jewelry as necklaces or wrapped bracelets.
Their full potential lies in using them as prayer beads. Hold in your right hand and let rest over your middle finger. Use the thumb to push or pull one bead at a time with each repetition of your mantra or prayer.

Lakshmi Mantra:
"Om Shrim Mahalakshmiyei Swaha"
Meaning: 'Om and salutations to that feminine energy which bestows all manner of wealth, worthiness and prosperity.