Kammererite Freeform with Seraphinite

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Kammererite is a relatively rare crystal. It is the purple part of this stone (which is most of it! Awesome!). The light green is Seraphinite. 

This angular and round freeform crystal can stand on it's own. It will naturally lean one direction. While it leans it somehow has an easy flow with it's soft edges. 

It is a piece not to overlook and definitely one for high vibe folks.

2.25" T x 2" W x 1.3" D

0.12 kg

Crystal Energies

Kammererite is a stone of vitality, to help you face life’s challenges without fear, letting your highest consciousness lead the way. it activates kindness, generosity, prosperity and expansive energy. It is also a great stone for accessing the Akashic Records.

Seraphinite (light green) – Self-healing; centering and energizing at the same time; good for the heart chakra specifically and can be used to clear and harmonize all the chakras; energy of wholeness and well-being; angelic communication and guidance.

Chakra Connection

Crown Chakra primarily. Heart Chakra secondarily.

How to Use

Keep in your pocket to help you face hardships with grace and your highest self leading the way.
Meditate with it.
Keep it on your night stand, desk or altar.