Kali Goddess Energy Bracelet - Let Go & Grow

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Harness the strength of this Kali Goddess Mala for Personal Growth. It is a powerful ally during times of transition. Whether you're facing change, battling personal demons, or seeking wisdom through hardship, Kali's transformative energy can help break you free from limitations and guide you towards growth.

Kali’s fearless freedom willingly confronts systems of oppression, be they self-inflicted or societal, to be overcome. Choosing Self-liberation allows you to move from a place of inner wisdom and courage. She knows that at times, the old ways and systems must give way to establish a new order.

Kali loves you so much that she is willing to go to the dark realms of existence, face what no longer serves and realign you with your highest Self.

Her mala is helps you dissolve and release negative energy, feel more grounded and anchors calm courage into your heart, mind and body as you move through the world. 

Kali's Mala Bracelet is 7" and fits most female wrists. It is made with 8 mm authentic gemstone beads and holds a similar frequency to Kali's Goddess Mala, available here


Crystal Energies

Smoky Quartz dissolves negative energies and mental/emotional blockages. It is an excellent grounding and protection stone as it provides an encompassing barrier of energy around the you. It is an antidote to stress helping you to tolerate difficult times with equanimity and a fortifying resolve. Smoky Quartz promotes personal pride and joy in living, lifts depression, brings calm. It relieves fear, and aids in manifesting one’s dreams and inspiration.

Black Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations. It grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances the root chakra and forms a protective shield around the body. Black Tourmaline activates grounding, increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity. It maintains your spirit even during extremely difficult times. It also protects against cell phones/EMFs helping to disperses tension and stress.

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and a stone of courage. It grounds heart energy, while offering protection from undesirable influences. It facilitates the understanding of and access to spiritual intuition by teaching “be here now.” Bloodstone provides physical, emotional, and mental renewal, while also revitalizing relationships and love. It purifies and heals by dispelling negative energy and influences from the aura and brings one’s subtle energies into wholeness and balance.

Chakra Connection

Balances Root & Heart Chakras

How to Use

This Energy Mala Bracelet can be worn as sacred jewelry as a bracelet.
The stretchy elastic is of the highest quality and will last for many happy years.

Kali Mantra:
“Om Krim Kalikayai Namah”
Meaning: I bow my head to the Goddess Kali