Tourmaline - Healing Crystal Infusion Glass Water Bottle

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

Discover one of nature’s most valuable secrets!

Nourish and hydrate your body with crystal infused water. Enjoy fresh and vital water wherever you are with your personal crystal water bottle.


This crystal water bottle is designed to balance the root, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Multi-Colored Tourmaline is a stone of flexibility, happiness, compassion, serenity, protection, balance, and positive transformation.

Arkansas Quartz amplifies energy and intention and connects you with your highest self.

Shungite purifies and protects.


DRINK IN THE CRYSTAL ENERGY - Let positive energy fill you from within when you drink your water or tea from our Crystal Water Bottle with crystals inside. Gemstones & crystals have been used since ancient times to restore vitality and bring balance. Rejuvenate yourself daily with your personalized Crystal Elixir. Infuse your life with sacred crystal water! This package includes a customized mix of pranicly charged tourmaline Crystals, Shungite, and Clear Arkansas Quartz crystals that you can bring with you wherever you go.

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – The Crystal Water Bottle is designed with a separate gem pod that encases the crystals and prevents direct contact with your drinking water. This bottle is made with Borosilicate glass that makes it thermal shock resistant. Our Crystal Water Bottles are also made of lead-free and BPA-free materials for added safety. Our glass is always safe to drink from as it will not release harmful toxins into the liquid you are drinking.

HAVE FUN AND CREATE POWERFUL CRYSTAL COMBINATIONS - Specifically designed with interchangeable crystal chamber to allow you to create any gemstone recipe your body desires! The energy and healing properties of crystals can pass thru glass much like light. It's safer Making crystal elixirs through the indirect method, where your crystals don't touch your drinking water, is the safest way to enjoy crystal infused water.

DURABLE AND CRACK-RESISTANT - The bottle is made with extra-hardened borosilicate tempered glass that won't easily break, even upon contact with boiling water. The Crystal Water Bottle also comes with a protective neoprene sleeve for extra durability and protection.

EMBRACE LIFE WITH CRYSTAL SOULUTIONS - We believe in the power of nature in spiritual healing, cleansing, and protection. Each of our products channels positive energy from natural sources and brings them to you.

ECO FRIENDLY & HIGH VIBE GIFTS FOR WOMEN - Look no further! This Crystal Water Bottle has everything you’re looking for when shopping for a gift for women or when you’re looking for your best friend's birthday gift. If your gift is not well received, or if you for any reason are unhappy with your purchase, contact us directly and we will refund or replace your order.

DIY: PERSONALIZE YOUR GEMSTONE ELIXIR by using your own favorite crystals. The 4 ounce gem-chamber is completely separated from the water. This opens up for endless possibilities when you’re mixing your own blend of crystal water.

ENJOY DELICIOUS FRUIT OR HERBAL TEA INFUSIONS - Pour in your favorite drink from tea, to chai, cold brew coffee, fruit water, or purified water.


Comes with:

  • Single walled glass bottle with Bamboo lids
  • Crystal pod filled with high vibe Tourmaline crystals, one hand selected tumbled Shungite to purify the energy of your water, and one hand selected Clear Arkansas Quartz to amplify the energy and your intentions
  • Black protective neoprene pouch with carrying handle
  • Packaged in a rectangular box for easy gifting


*Additional crystals not included. 

Disclaimer: Crystal meanings and spiritual healing information contained on this site is not presented as or intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis by a trained medical professional, but instead is presented as spiritual support to healing and other life issues.