Handcrafted Koshi Chime Stand for Sound Healing -- Essential

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

This sound-healing Koshi Chime stand was designed and built by a fine furniture maker in close collaboration with a renowned sound healer.  They created a stand that matches the beauty, quality, and aesthetics of handmade sound-healing chimes allowing them to shine while producing crisp, deep, and long-lasting tones. 

The stand compliments the chimes perfectly with a balanced elegance, lightweight gracefulness, and rock-solid joinery ensuring generations of use.  This sound-healing chime stand was created deep within the Colorado Mountains by Modern Organic Woodworking using traditional hand fit joinery and the finest American hardwoods.   

The stand blends perfectly with the original Koshi Chimes handmade in Southern France.


  • Hand made in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA by a master craftsman and custom furniture maker.
  • Built with the highest level of quality with the best American grown hardwoods including Walnut, Maple, and Alder.
  • Hand cut joinery promises incredible strength with wedged mortise and tenon joints for cross members and brass pinned mortise and tenon joints for the legs.
  • Each stand takes two weeks to build; every detail is meticulously designed and crafted.
  • Dimensions: 28-3/8” Wide x 24” Tall x 10-1/4” Deep
  • Hooks 6” apart and 4-1/2” from the legs
  • Sound healing chime stand only. Purchase authentic, French-made, Koshi Chimes from the Colorado-based distributer at:  danielleklein.com/koshichimes  
  • Crystals, props, and smudging supplies sold separately at: CrystalSoulutionsShop.com


  • The height, width, and depth allow for effortless playability and the shape compliments any room’s decor while providing a stable and beautiful presence.
  • The stand allows you to play chimes individually, in tandem, or all once by swinging the entire stand.
  • Lightweight, portable, and stable for use at multiple locations by travelling sound healers.
  • Produces a pure, consistent sound that lasts longer because the chimes freely swing from a stable support instead of an unsteady hand.
  • Perfect spacing for optimal performance; the chimes swing independently without hitting each other.
  • Optional: Felt lined cups in a reinforced cross member allow for travelling sound healers to easily transport the stand and chimes together.  Once setup at your new location simply rehang the chimes from the hooks.  No additional bags or boxes are needed to transport.


  • Wood:
    • Standard: Alder or Maple with a mid-tone stain and a clear coat of finish
    • Upgraded: Black Walnut with a clear coat of finish
  • Felt lined cups and a reinforced cross member for transporting and storage for an additional charge
  • Full customization to include embedding crystals, inlaying patterns available for an additional charge based on complexity

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