Green Fluorite Freeform Sculpture

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

This Green Fluorite sculpture stands 4.25" tall and is the perfect item to place on your desk, nightstand or altar to remind the mind to relax and let the heart lead the show. It weighs just over 1.5 pounds!

Green Fluorite is cleansing, organizing and freshness of spring time renewal to the heart chakra, eliminates negative energy within a room, aligns one’s thoughts, words and actions with the heart.

It aids visualization and meditation, promotes effectiveness of affirmations and mantras.

It helps melt the mind down into the heart, calming the mind in meditation and throughout the day.

4th chakra.

4.25" T x 3.5" W x 1.5" D