Mini Energy Gemstone Stacker Bracelets - 4mm

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

ure gemstone healing vibes in these elastic stacker bracelets. 

Balance your chakras, raise your vibe, create a field of protective energy and so much more with these little bracelets. 

Wear one or combine several for your own unique combination of stacker bracelets and energy.

All beads are 4mm. 

size: 7”. Fits most wrists.

Handmade with love in Colorado.

Amazonite, $8 Flow, Stress Relief, Integrity, Truth, Positive Outlook, Focus, Alleviates Fear & Worry, Universal Love
Amethyst, $10 Transformation, Spirituality, Intuition, Higher Mind, Inner Peace, Transmutes Negative Energy
Angelite, $9 Angelic Communication, Gentle Self-Expression, Serenity, Expanded Awareness, Dispels Anger, Quiet Mind
Aventurine Green, $8 Opens Heart, Trust in Life, Prosperity, Open Heart, Compassion, Manifestation, Calms Fear & Anger
Azurite Malachite, $8 Prosperity, Inspiration, Take Action, Deep Healing, Clears Negative Thought Patterns, Transformation
Carnelian, $8 Creativity, Flow, Pleasure, Vitality, Confidence, Motivation, Self-Understanding & Compassion, Passion
Clear Quartz, $8 Oneness, Amplifies Energies, Spirituality, Divine Wisdom, Master Healer, Intention, Cleansing, Meditation
Dumortierite, Sunset, $8 Spiritual Guides, Inner Wisdom, Openness, Confidence, Patience, Empowerment, Communication, Clears Fear
Dragon's Blood Jasper, $8 Strength, Vitality, Bravery, Courage, Clears Doubt & Despair, Determination, Vigor, Overcome Any Challenge, Happiness
Garnet, $8 Health, Vitality, Love, Motivation, Balanced Energy Flow, Courage, Motivation, Passion, Clears Negative Energy
Hawk's Eye, $8 Psychic Abilities, Insight, Grounding, Universal Truth, Clear Negative Thoughts   Patterns
Honey Calcite, $8 Courage, Personal Will, Vital Life Force, Creation, Infinite Possibilities, Cleansing
Honey Jade, $8 Inner Strength, Vitality, Originality, Peace   Tranquility, Emotional Growth, Courage to Achieve Goals, Self-Assuredness
Howlite, $8 Patience, Calms Stress, Insight, Calms Inner Communication, Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Discernment
Laguna Lace Agate, $10 Grounding, Stabilizes the Aura, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Sensuality, Balance Yin/Yang, Calming, Inner Strength
Lapis, $10 Higher Wisdom, Truth, Intuition, Expanded Awareness, Self-Evolution, Spiritual Journey, Clear Mind
Mookaite, $8 Energy, Ideas, Enthusiasm, Kindness, Personal Power, Inner Knowing, Trusting Yourself, Emotional Growth
Mother of Pearl, $10 Vibrant Spiritual Energy, Ease, Nurturing, Intelligence, Beauty, Creativity, Perseverance, Purity, Flow
Onyx, $8 Grounding, Protective, Cleansing, Self-Control, Clear Decisions, Happiness, Good Fortune, Rooted Spirituality
Pink Botswana Agate, $10 Emotional Balance, Compassion, Creative Passions, Optimism, Overcome Fears and Self-Limiting Beliefs
Polychrome Jasper, $10 Self Discovery, Inspiration, Manifestation, Nurturing, Innocence, Abundance, Grounding
Poppy Red Jasper, $8 Happy, Vitality, Compassion, Taking Action, Dynamic Energy, Enthusiasm, Inner Strength, Uplifting, Wholeness
Prehnite, $10 Union of Heart and Will, Unconditional Love, Courage on Your Spiritual Path, Calmness, Inner Knowing, Flow
Rainbow Fluorite, $8 Mental Clarity, Clears Energy, Heart Mind Balance, New Beginnings, Discernment, Psychic Protection
Rose Quartz, $8 Self-Love, Compassion, Gently Removes Negative Energy, Forgiveness, Self-Esteem, Peaceful Relationships
Selenite, $8 Spiritual Activation, Cleanses and Aligns Chakras, Higher Consciousness, Flexibility
Sodalite, $8 Intuition, Meditation, Truthfulness, Access to Subconscious, Self-Trust, Clarity, Meditation, Shine Your Inner Light
Strawberry Quartz, $10 Finding True Love & Spreading Love, Positive, Inner Peace, Heart Healing, Purpose, Emotional Healing, Self-Discovery
Tiger Eye, $8 Vitality, Personal Power, Optimism, Courage, Motivation, Accomplishing Goals, Prosperity
Tiger's Eye, Blue, $8 Vitality, Personal Power, Optimism, Communication, Trust, Divine Will
Unakite, $8 Presence, Love, Positive Habits, Heart Healing, Balances Emotional Body with High Vibes of Spirit, Fresh Start


The chakra bracelets included the following gemstones for the 7 primary chakras and an extra special connection to your 8th chakra, the Soul Star Chakra: 

  1. Garnet
  2. Carnelian
  3. Honey Jade
  4. Green Aventurine 
  5. Amazonite
  6. Lapis
  7. Amethyst
  8. Selenite