Insight - Cone Flowers - Clean Crystal Bath Bomb - Third Eye Chakra

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Soothe the body so you can tune into your intuition and listen to the wisdom within with the dreamy smells of Rosemary, Bergamot, Patchouli & Lemongrass. This is our top selling bath bomb. 

Our Clean Crystal Bath Bombs are made mindfully and simply with only the best ingredients. They also contain a surprise Arkansas Quartz crystal that has been charged under the full moon light. 

This clean crystal bath bomb helps to balance the Third Eye chakra.

There are no artificial or chemical based components in our bath bombs. 

Crystal Energy:

Arkansas Quartz is well sought after by many people worldwide for its purity and energies. The energy is clear, potent and immediate. Our crystals are gorgeous and help support local Arkansas miners. Each crystal is beautiful on it's own and most are watery clear. Many of the crystals we use have unique formations like twin, double terminated, windows, time links, self-healed, channeling and Isis and some even have rainbows within!  All will amplify the intention you set for your sacred bath, will balance and heal the aura and chakras and bring protection. 


We care about the environment so we use only Biolefin shrink wrap. Biolefin is formulated to be totally degradable in the environment. At the end of its useful life, it fragments and oxidizes by the effect of light and heat. It then becomes assimilable by soil micro-organisms, and eventually disappears, leaving only water, carbon dioxide and biomass.



1. Baking Soda (specifically manufactured to NSF standards for food and dietary purposes, and is within NOP standards for organic production)
Citric Acid (derived from 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from sugar cane or cassava)
2. Arrowroot Powder, Organic
3. Kaolin Clay, All Natural
4. Dead Sea Salt, All Natural
5. Cone Flowers, Organic
6. Shea Butter, Organic
7. Witch Hazel Extract, Organic (double distillation with water and organic cane alcohol)
8. Organic Essential Oils of Rosemary, Bergamot, Patchouli, Lemongrass

Chakra Connection

Brow Chakra

Use Guide

To use our bath bombs, run a hot bath. Set a pure intention for your bathing ritual as you enter the waters. Hold the bath bomb just below the surface of the water and watch the magic happen. Once the crystal has been released you can place it on your body or let it sink to the bottom of the tub to infuse the water with its healing presence. Rest well for 20-40 minutes.

When complete, drain the tub and wipe the sides down (our natural materials will likely leave a little ring that is easy to clean). Thank the crystal and stay in a relaxed mind, body, and heart set for the rest of the day.