Chakra Energy Bracelet - Aligned Vitality

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Balance your chakra with this gemstone bracelet.

Lava beads are the foundation of this energy bracelet.

Root chakra: Strawberry Quartz

Sacral chakra: Carnelian.

Solar plexus chakra: Yellow Jasper

Heart chakra: Green Aventurine 

Throat chakra: Amazonite

Third Eye chakra: Sodalite

Crown chakra: Amethyst 


This Bracelet is 7" and fits most female wrists. It is made with 8 mm authentic gemstone beads.

8" Bracelet will fit most male wrists.


Crystal Energies
Chakra Connection

Balances All Chakras

How to Use

This Energy Mala Bracelet can be worn as sacred jewelry as a bracelet.
The stretchy elastic is of the highest quality and will last for many happy years.