Chakra Awakening Mala

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

This Chakra Awakening Mala represents the journey from Heaven to Earth and Earth back to Heaven as you make your way through the lessons of the chakras. 

This combination of stones works to awaken your spiritual nature and actualize it here in this world through self-mastery and love of life.

Our chakra malas have 9 gemstones, one for each chakra, one to connect you to the Earth and one to connect you to the Heavens. When you wear this design around your neck you can see the progression of manifestation through the chakras. The Guru Bead is Clear Crystal Quartz.

Earth – Lava – grounding stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment

1st – Red Tiger’s Eye – for strength in facing life’s challenges

2nd – Carnelian - increases physical energy, personal power, motivation, creativity, acceptance of life, and promotes positive life choices

3rd – Citrine – dispels fear, attracts wealth and happiness

4th – Chrysoprase - trust in and ability to flow with life and change

5th – Apatite - helps to release difficulties, stress, and inadequacy so you can express your full potential

6th – Lapis – seeing and acting upon one’s highest ideals and visions

7th – Cave Amethyst - transforms lower energies to higher vibrations, clarifies spiritual vision and divine connection

Heaven – Rainbow Moonstone - inspires enthusiasm, self-appreciation, joy, intuition and goddess energy


Balances the root chakra Balances the sacral chakra Balances the solar plexus chakra Balances the heart chakra Balances the throat chakra Balances the brow chakra Balances the crown chakra

Balance all your chakras with this beautiful sacred mala.