Carnelian Freeform Flame Sculpture

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This spiraling carnelian sculpture has a deep array of rich oranges and subtle white lines. Some of the layers create what appears to be an eye on one side of the spiral.

It has a perfectly flat bottom which makes it super easy to display.

2.9" T1.5" W x 1.4" D

0.152 kg

Crystal Energies

This rich orange to reddish stone is great for so much! Carnelian provides inspiration from and connection with the spiritual worlds while keeping you grounded and real here on earth. It provides insight between ones emotional state and the inner condition of the self, helping you to overcome negative conditioning.
Its message is “since one is love, there is nothing to do but offer love”. Carnelian helps you trust in yourself and in the love you offer the world.
It increases physical energy, personal power, motivation, creativity, compassion, and analytical capabilities, protects against envy, fear, and rage, and banishes sorrow, clears extraneous thoughts. It enhances courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, taking action, motivation, creativity, acceptance of life, promotes positive choices.
Wonderful stone for women in all phases of life.

Chakra Connection

2nd chakra all the way.

How to Use

Great to direct energy into or out of the sacral chakra or hold where you feel you could use more vitality, creativity or courage.
Beautiful addition to any altar, desktop or nightstand.