Candle Quartz

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Awaken your true nature with Shakti, the creative feminine energy of the universe utilizing crystals, coaching and energy healing. Be the SOULution.

Chakra Connection

Candle Quartz is a favorite of mine. It is also known as Pineapple Quartz. there is one large crystal point with a secondary smaller twin on one side! 

Candle Quartz is the name given to a formation of generally cloudy white quartz when the main crystal point is covered by tiny terminations that point towards the termination of the main crystal. The image of wax running down a candle is perhaps the best way to describe this formation.

These candle quartz crystals bring light, hope and comfort.

If you are an energy worker or a healer, you will have many uses for this wonderful crystal.

Candle Quartz helps one to recognize the role the physical body plays on this spiritual journey.

It aids in the realization and discontinuance of negative self-fulfilling prophecies.

Enhances confidence, benevolence, and the appreciation grace.

It is a “stone for the luminaries” of our Earth, bringing insight for the healing of the planet. 

It provides insight into the damage we cause to our physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies, allowing one to stop and heal the causal behaviors.

It dissipates tedious and oppressive tendencies and environments.

4th and 7th Chakra.

1.5" W x 0.9" H x 1.4" D