Aragonite Heart Plate

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This Aragonite plate is perfect for your altar offerings, for jewelry or for holding other crystals. It is an excellent tool for releasing pain and fear so you can ground into truth.

5.75" T x 6.5" W x 0.5" D

360 g

*Other crystals sold separately.

Crystal Energies

Aragonite offers renewed strength and confidence.

It helps you maintain your center of serenity in trying circumstances.

Allows one to emanate love and compassion for others
It is a tool for releasing pain and fear.

Supports you in grounding into truth, overcoming illusions and delusions of yourself, others, society or this world.

Promotes discipline in one’s life activities.

Provides insight into the basis for one’s problems.

Chakra Connection

Root Chakra and All Chakras.

How to Use

Place on your altar for sacred gifts and offerings. Use to hold your jewelry or other crystals.