Money Magnet Mala

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The Money Magnet Mala will help you clear your path to financial abundance by giving you the courage to release old, outdated, and negative beliefs about money. When you are ready for change this mala will help you transform so you can attract wealth.


Balances the solar plexus chakra Balances the heart chakra 

Balance your solar plexus and heart chakras with this beautiful sacred mala. 

Crystal Energies

Malachite (green) - Stone of transformation. When you are ready for change, malachite will help you step out of your comfort zone and release behaviors that keep you from evolving. It clears, activates and stimulates the heart chakra. Malachite will help you uncover the emotional debris that is ready to be released and cleared. It stimulates intuitive reasoning bringing change which facilitates advancement. It's a powerful detoxifier of negative emotions and experiences. Malachite is amazingly energetic and the energy flows smoothly in many directions so you can experience smooth flow in your life.

Pyrite (gold) - Helps you attract wealth as it encourages you to see your own worth so you can manifest more money into your life. Protective stone which reflects/blocks all types of negativity. Lets you radiate the warm, lasting presence of the sun and it's golden energy of wealth. It is a very positive stone which illuminates optimism. It can relieve anxiety and frustration as it boosts self-worth and confidence. Manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confidence. Feeds qualities of ambition, commitment and persistence. Taking action to create abundance in one’s life.

Tiger's Eye (brown/gold) - Empowers you with courage to face your fears and anything that is holding you back. It does this by synthesizing the energies of the Earth and the Sun, providing grounding, protection, practicality, brightness, and optimism, inspiration to step out of past self-limiting beliefs. Assists in accomplishing goals with clarity and commitment. Stimulates wealth. Develops balance, vitality, discernment, strength, empowerment, integrity, and self-worth.

Chakra Connection

Balance your solar plexus and heart chakras with this beautiful sacred mala.

How to Use

Wear, pray with and hold sacred your new mala.