Lithium Quartz Cluster

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Chakra Connection

This lithium quartz cluster is made up of three double terminated points, one of which is a twin!

It has a subtle earthy purple color.

Double terminated crystals have points or terminations on both ends of the crystal. They are excellent transmitters of energy. They can take in energy, purify that energy and send it out through the other end, thus transmuting incongruent, low vibe or negative energy into congruent, high vibe, positive and harmonious energy.


Twin crystals help you to understand relationships of all kinds. They help you realize that relationships involve the oneness of being together, yet the separateness of being who you are.

Lithium Quartz - while related to the crown chakra it enhances and opens all the chakras.

It is one of the premier stones to enhance inner peace, tranquility, and calmness.

Positive energy flows through the mind facilitating the release of negative attachments of all types and promotes clarity, connection, release from tension emotional peace and an awakening of the Higher Self.

Benefits all those seeking harmony in their various relationships – friends, family, spouses, lovers and even your relationship to yourself.

It heals the heart by alleviating stress, calming frayed nerves and allowing one to relax.

This allows one to naturally approach the world from a more balanced heart and mind space.

Good stone for children to use at the end of the day to calm the mind and prepare for peaceful sleep.

In adults it helps the mind to relax, letting go of the stress and worries of the day, allowing one to relax and sleep. It can assist one in moving into a sweet, heart-centered and stress-free place.

In meditation it opens and balances the heart while accessing higher states of consciousness.

It also helps release attachment to a desired outcome, opening oneself to the will of the Divine by surrendering control and effort will restore balance.

4th and 7th Chakras, All Chakras. 2" L x 1.4" W x 1.2" D